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You probably already know some of the great reasons to come to Steamboat Springs. Steamboat not only has world class skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, but we have our beautiful botanic gardens, rivers, streams, fall foliage, water falls, and more!

1880 – Today

In 1880, Judge Brinkerhoff built a mansion in Kansas. By Fall of 1990 the house was slated for demolition. After a year it was purchased by a farmer for the large sum of $65. Not wanting to keep the house, he sold it to Larry Cole and he gave Larry 90 days to move the building.

In April 1991, Larry dismantled the house, cutting it into five sections with a chainsaw. He wished to move the house to Colorado and a friend recommended Steamboat Springs!

Larry tried, unsuccessfully to hire a moving company to relocate the house. He was told: “A house like that can be moved across the prairie, but not across mountains”. Undeterred, Larry purchased a semi tuck and a 40 foot trailer to make the move himself.

In the space of approximately six weeks, Larry moved the house in five trips of 650 miles each. He even lost truck brakes during one trip on a downhill section, but managed to transport all the sections safely.

In 1992 Larry dedicated the house to Brook during their engagement, and they named the house with a combination of their own names: “Colebrook Manor

Christmas of 1994 saw the first guests at Colebrook Manor, thus began the start of a wonderful history of guests at the Victorian.

Over the years the building has seen many renovations and additions as different owners added their own special touch.

Today, the house stands prominent and proud, as it first did in 1991, under the Gondola for all who venture up the mountain to see.

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